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JAV TAJHIZ AZMA Co., Ltd. was incorporated in 2016 with another 20 years of experience in the field of sales of scientific instruments prior to that.From laboratory equipment to consumables and accessories, our product spectrum covers almost all aspects of your requirements. Despite the vast array of products, all products have one factor in common: We only select high quality and excellent cost/benefit relationship suppliers.
Having immediate access to tens of thousands of stocked items, your requirements can usually be fulfilled with very short delivery times.

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Our Colleague companies in JAV Group Of Companies:

To meet all your needs in the powder coating industry, we have the company of our colleagues in JAV Group of Companies including:

1- Jav Alvan Avar: the most experienced and valid supplier of raw material, machinery, and equipment for the Powder coating industry in IRAN
2- Jav Sanat Avar: manufacturer and provider of ُ machinery’’ technical and spare parts for powder coating industry
3- Jav Afzooneh Avar:  formulated and roduced based on detailed researches and tests

Any need to find high quality raw material, or receive advice about powder coating , contact us

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